S26 Powerliga Relegation

We did it!!!!

Both our teams moving up one division after relegation playoff.

Fortress Main went into an old opponent from last season in AaB Esport heading into a Best of 3 on Ancient a close game where Fortress Main went a victorious with the result of 13-10, Then we went unto Anubis a game where Main never found themselves and lost 7-13, all was up to the game on Dust2 as decider after a good start to the map of 6-0 to Main AaB woke up and made the game a very close on with the final result of 13-11.
Onto the relegation team from 2. division its OK. Also a former opponent for our Main team from last season, so with abit of knowledge of the opponent Main team had a good feeling going into the match.
First map of Inferno its OK map pick was a close close, main took the opponent map with 13-11 and was ahead in the series going into their own map pick of Anubis. Another very close map but with another result as its OK took the map 11-13 and onto the decider map again as Dust2 came in place again.
Fortress started the map on T site and what a banger, starting of the map by winning 10-2 in the first half it looked like an walkover for the boys, but its OK took the spoon in the other hand and fighted their way back into the match by winning their T site with 10-2 and therefor it was time for overtime. With a full focus and some nice play fortress ended up winning the last round of the first overtime to conclude the series by 16-14 and therefor heading into the 2. division for the next season!!!

This was also the last game for Mathias “Snuppi” Duedal and Kaspar “RAPZAK” Adamsen as Snuppi head into ├ślgod Efterskole for a year and RAPZAK going full time as coach after a season as standin. We want to thank both of them for their commitment and hard work in the last two seasons and looking forward to the future.

Fortress Academy was heading into Vulture in the relegation playoff for a spot in the 3. division.
A drama non the less. First map of Anubis Vulture’s map pick was a very close game, heading into 4 overtimes to find a winner of the map, vulture ended up taking the first map with the score 25-21 unfortunately for the academy boys but but but, moving on and heads up.
Going to Dust2 our own map pick also a very close game as the first but without overtimes academy took the series to 1-1 as they close the map 13-11. On to vertigo as decider a way more one sided map. Academy dominated their opponent and took the map fast and in good shape with the score 13-5.

Congratulation to both teams with their relegation games and the future seems bright for our org. as we already now have concluded our goals for the year. By that said its not now we stop our hard work, we move on and work even harder now to make sure we can make sure we stay at our current spots and we have made new goals for both teams to work towards!

A special thanks to BrianTheDad who have been streaming our season but who will go with snuppi to help out at ├ślgod Efterskole! All the best to all players and staff who have been with us we look forward to seen you again after the summerbreak.

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