S25 Dust2.dk Powerliga

End of season 25

In Fortress we are happy to announce 2 teams in Top 4 of there relative divisions in season 25 of the dust2.dk powerliga

Fortress Main:
Starting off with mixed results before the transferperiod and a 6th position in the table, ending up being 4th in Division 3B without chance of relegation playoff, but survive the league and will be playing division 3 again after playbreak. Main is satisfied about the end result for the team and accomplish the goal before the season started.

Fortress Academy:
First season for the Academy team in Powerliga and what a season. Started off rough for the boys with a 9th place at Transferperiod. The team got a new coach during transfer and had a massive comeback at the end of the season with 4 consecutive wins in a row made them comeback and end 4th in their divions and heading into relegation playoff to play for the spot in 3 division. The boys met Halstedhus IF, a team main had in their group, a hard matchup for the unexperienced guys. It started out well with a decent game of Overpass as Halstedhus pick, a map academy felt they where comfortable on and it also ended up being a pretty close game with some close rounds, but Halstedhus IF came out on top of the map and heading into the second map Inferno behind 0 to 1 the guys never got started on Inferno and received a loss on that map too, for a 0-2 game for Halstedhus who stay in 3rd Division for next season. Academy stay in 4th division with alot of new experience and overall a good season for the boys.

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